Help Your Players Reach Their Full Potential

Build confidence on and off the field with elite mental skills training!

Are your players having trouble performing under pressure?

Are they fearful or nervous during competition?

Do they overthink in critical moments?

This online course will help!

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Athletes need mental training to reach their full potential.

With Mental Mastery Online, students:

  • Stay Calm And Cool Under Pressure
  • Mentally Prepare For Important Games
  • Rebound Quickly From Failure And Adversity
  • Get Proper Motivation For Training Sessions
  • Control Emotions During Competition
  • Get An Extra Edge Pursuing Scholarships

Exclusively For Athletes 13-18 Years Old

The #1 Course In

Mental Toughness

Athletes aren’t born with mental toughness. It must be developed.
Mental Mastery: Soccer provides a cognitive-based approach that helps players control their thoughts, manage their emotions, and improve in-game performance.


Help Your Players Reach Their Full Potential

What Skills Do Students Learn?

Emotional Coaching

– Reduce anger, anxiety, stress, pressure, & fear
– Enhance confidence, focus, & motivation

Mental Skills Development

– Develop resilience in the face of adversity
– Build mental toughness

Life Skills Training

– Improve organization & time management
– Enhance enjoyment & zone experience

What’s Included?

8 Online Lessons With A Certified Mental Trainer

Students work through eight lessons – each with a defined theme.

Each lesson includes one or more videos, reading materials, and an after-action quiz or assignment to complete.

Private Webinar With Course Leader

Get a one hour live webinar with course leader Erika Carlson to answer specific questions and offer best practices for applying course concepts moving forward.

Session will be recorded & transcribed for future use by your organization.

Available For The First Time!

Traditional mental toughness training costs thousands and is generally inaccessible to athletes that need it most.

For the first time, proven mental training content is available in a user-friendly, online package for youth athletes with an experienced Certified Mental Trainer to guide athletes through each step.

This program is effective and students work at their own pace – from the comfort of their own homes.


Course Outline

Lesson 1

 What is Real Mental Toughness?

Real mental toughness is about more than just getting “fired up” to play the game. While the energy and excitement needs to be there, real mental toughness is about focusing on the important things in order to achieve each player’s goals.

Students review the practical definition of mental toughness and learn how to focus on what really matters before stepping onto the field.

Included in this lesson:

 3 Activities

Lesson 2

Excellence vs. Perfection

Players dream about being perfect. In reality, mistakes happen!

When viewed in the right light, mistakes can be the best learning experience out there! Mental Mastery teaches players how to eliminate perfection from their goals and embrace mistakes as a way to learn and improve.

Included in this lesson:

 4 Activities

Lesson 3

Roadmap: Where Are You Going – And Why?

Players set some pretty lofty goals and plan on working hard to achieve them. The question they have to ask is, “Why do I want to do this?”

Their “why” will either make or break their path towards their dreams. Without a good reason to fight, they might give up the moment things get tough. Advice in this lesson on how to identify their “why” and build a roadmap is guaranteed to lead them to victory!

Included in this lesson:

 3 Activities

Lesson 4

Past, Present, Futuristic Thinking

Mental energy is a precious thing. It overrides all other functions in their body. Regardless of how fit and technically skilled they are, if they’re not mentally focused and prepared to play their best, they will struggle.

Being present and “in the moment” may seem easy, but staying there can be tricky! Players are guided through several processes to help learn from their past, stay in the present, and worry less about the future.

Included in this lesson:

 5 Activities

Lesson 5

The Magic Combination

As the start of a big soccer game or other challenging situation draws nearer, two things happen. The physical toughness they’ve built in preparation for this event is finally being put to use. However, at the same time, their adrenaline begins to pump and they lose that sense of mental calm that’s needed to truly focus.

Mental Mastery helps players work out their very own “magic combination” of mental calmness and physical readiness to make their next big challenge feel easy!

Included in this lesson:

 Recap Quiz

Lesson 6

Focus – “Get Out Of Your Head!” (And Back On The Field)

Did you know that there are four stages to good focus? Did you also know there’s a very clear difference between internal and external focus?

Focus is a word that gets used a lot in soccer. We all know that poor focus leaves players feeling mentally overwhelmed and not able to focus appropriately. By learning these four important stages, players will be able to achieve good, clear focus from the inside out. This helps players play your best and reach their full potential, even during the most intense moments!

Included in this lesson:

 2 Exercises

Lesson 7

Imagery: The Skill That Separates “Good” From “Great”

Imagery is not a magical power that automatically makes anything you imagine, come true. Rather, it is a powerful tool that is used by some of the greatest athletes to help give them that extra push they need to reach their goals.

It’s scientifically proven that repeatedly engaging our brains with an abundance of sensory detail can help us perform better in real life. Mental Mastery coaches players through this process and helps turn imagery into the most powerful mental tool they have!

Included in this lesson:

 2 Exercises

Lesson 8

Confidence = Calm & Carefree

Calm and carefree are the essence of confidence. This lesson dives into controlling controllables, relaxation, breathing, and how to be carefree – the art of caring less – temporarily.

Included in this lesson:

 2 Exercises + Course Wrap Up

Special Course Bonuses

Live Q&A With Course Leader

Get an exclusive, one hour live webinar with course leader Erika Carlson to answer specific questions and offer best practices for applying course concepts moving forward within your organization.

Interact With Other Students

Players can interact with other students in a private, moderated Facebook group – questions will be answered here, too!

A Program That Works

“Mental training for an athlete is as important, if not more than physical training. Mental Mastery has helped our athletes excel in the mental aspect of their game, which takes them to the next level athletically.

-Philippe Blin
Director of Coaching, Pleasanton RAGE

Meet Your Trainer

Erika Westhoff, M.A., is owner of EW Performance. Her work focuses on helping athletes improve their mental toughness and enjoyment of soccer.

With nearly 20 years of experience in Applied Sport Psychology, Erika knows what it takes to achieve mental toughness.

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

We’re committed to your satisfaction.

Our primary goal is to help students improve on and off the field. If after three lessons, your students are not satisfied with the course, simply contact us and we’ll refund your payment in full.

It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are My Athletes Old Enough For This Course?

    Yes! This course is specifically geared towards athletes 13-18 years old!

  • Why Mental Mastery?

    You wouldn’t wait for a injury to occur before you start to train your body for competition, so why wait for lack of confidence or “mental blocks” show up before you start training your brain?

    Be proactive in your training – prepare now for the adversity that accompanies high-level competition. Get through it faster, stronger, and more effectively then your competition.

  • What Are The Most Common Reasons For Seeking Mental Training?

    • Nervousness and anxiety
    • Lack of confidence
    • Performance plateau
    • Preparing for collegiate athletics
    • Lack of emotional control
    • Mentally recover and return to sport following injury

  • What can my athletes expect to get out of Mental Mastery Program?

    Athletes can expect to learn new information, complete “homework” (working through lessons, practice skills, reflecting on experiences) and create a shift in the way they train.

    Everything we teach is designed to increase self-awareness, enhance confidence and improve every aspect of your game. After all, your brain is the control center of your body. When you train your brain to work and communicate more effectively, your body works better too!

  • Who are good candidates for Mental Mastery?

    Our best students fit a very simple profile – they are motivated and committed to improving their performance.

    While it is common for there to be initial resistance for youth athletes who have never engaged in mental training, Mental Mastery has been designed for athletes to work in the privacy of their own home working on content that’s proven to improve focus, confidence, motivation and overall performance.

    We know you will like what we’ve got to offer.

  • Wondering If You're 'That' Parent (Or Coach)?

    We hear that a lot. Parents wonder if getting young athletes to engage in mental training is “over the top” and makes them an “extreme” parent.

    Parents who typically enroll their athletes:

    • Care deeply about their children learning and growing from their sport experience.
    • Value mental training as “life skills” training.
    • Often have had similar types of training in their own careers.
    • Want to help their children learn to proactively solve problems and become more self-reliant.
    • Know that how you perform mentally dictates how you perform physically.

Prepared for future success both on and off the field?

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