When the competition becomes increasingly more intense, late- or post-season pitfalls sometimes feel inevitable.

Individuals and teams alike can suffer immensely if they let these mental distractions get to them.

Watch as Erika Westhoff of EW Performance describes the four most common late season pitfalls, and how you and your team can use mental toughness to beat them:


1. You’re Too Outcome-Focused

To you, winning and scoring are the be-all and end-all. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, you are caught up in the end result. But how can you achieve your goals without thinking of the process it will take to get you there?

As an alternative to stressing yourself and your teammates out, you can choose to get present! Focus on what it will take and what moves are necessary right now to get you where you need to be in the future.

2. You’re Obsessed With The Competition

Do you often find yourself worried about the competition and how well prepared they are, instead of focusing on yourself and preparing with your team to compete? Concentrating on the opposing team with not only deter your confidence, but it will also affect your overall performance!

This is the time where focusing on yourself, your team, and the controllable is essential for maximum performance.

3. You’re Expecting Too Much From Yourself

Oftentimes, when we ask too much of ourselves, we tend to burn out. We put ourselves under crippling pressure to do more and accomplish more than we ever have before.

Wouldn’t you much rather play effortlessly with outstanding confidence? In order to do so, you must prepare yourself the same exact way you always do. You will perform your absolute best when you keep doing what you’ve done all season long. That’s what made you successful!

4. You’re All Fired Up

Getting too emotional or intense before a game won’t have the result you may expect. More often than not, you will become overwhelmed and unsure of how to quickly and efficiently complete simple tasks such as kicking the ball.

Before a game, you must always start by clearing your mind. Take deep, slow breaths and focus on all of the high-speed decisions you will have to make throughout the game.

To ensure preparation and highest performance you must be calm from the neck up and ready from the neck down!

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